Sunday, June 16, 2013

Magnolia Bakery- Manhattan, New York

          Alrighty, I'm working pretty hard to update this blog in one day, haha. Have you heard of Magnolia Bakery before? It's a bakery that has been popular since it was on a certain popular show and I always heard good things by word of mouth on their cupcakes. So on the 8th, I took the opportunity to buy some cupcakes once I saw them while searching for Minamoto Kitchoan. The line, when you enter seems big, but it's organized and moves pretty quickly, which is why I couldn't take a lot of photos. They had everything cutely organized and had some items for sale like shirts. I also couldn't take photos of the cupcakes we bought, but it was a vanilla, a chocolate, and red velvet. The red velvet 't thick was heavenly; the cream wasn't thick or too sweet, it was fluffy and light, contrary to the pictures. :p My dad and brother had the chocolate and vanilla, but considering how fast they ate it, I'd say they enjoyed it pretty well.~


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