Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brooklyn Museum 2013

    Hey everybody! I haven't been posting here much lately, but I finally got my photos uploaded, so expect some new posts in the following days! So, back in June, I went with my brother to the Brooklyn Museum. According to a quick Google search, it also apparently has the second largest art collection in New York City; first time I was aware of that. I went maybe three or so times when I was younger, so I only had vague memories of the place, and didn't realize when I went this time how big it really was.I went with two impatient boys, so I was not able to see every thing in the museum, but the photos below were mostly taken at the Children's art section, Egyptian area, a section that covered old houses, (not pictured is an old cabin in the same area that you can walk into; I never liked going in as it always gives me the creeps!), and European art exhibit, which had Medieval art, and paintings of nobles, etc. It's a big museum, and you don't have to pay, (they just ask for donations), so it's definitely worth a visit!


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