Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fifth Avenue Spring Festival at Bay Ridge- Brooklyn, New York

          So I finally went to another festival fairly recently! On June 2nd, in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge has  an annual street fair every year on June in 5th avenue that covers 68st to 85 st, and has everything you can imagine. Most street festivals in New York are free, so there's no admission price. The festival has everything you'd imagine for one; some rides on the side, and lots of music, food, sweets, and various vendors selling their goods. I used to go a few times when I was little, but I forgot when it usually occurred. I bought a fairy shirt from a vendor selling The Mountain brand shirts,( he knew how to tell fakes form real ones, and told me to search online on my phone to verify it.) I also got a cute little anime-style doll a Korean company makes, that a vendor was selling for $4. (In some of the gift shops, they get overpriced for $15, so I thought it was a bargain.) Unless there are weather changes, the festival usually starts in the beginning of June, and you can find more information here and here.


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