Saturday, August 3, 2013

Balthazar - Manhattan, New York

         Balthazar is a French bistro (or brasserie- different sites are using the terms interchangeably for this place), that is owned by Keith McNally, a celebrity chef. Now, when I went to Balthazar, I didn't know about any reputation it had, or how "famous" it was until I did some research to write about it; the day I went there was for one thing, and one thing only; Pavlova Cake. I found out about Pavlova on someones blog a few months ago, (I can't recall the exact one at the moment), but when I found out it was a cake made mostly of meringue and berries, I knew I had to try some. ~ (Here and here are some good links for more information on the cake.) Well, let me tell you about the place a little bit; it was classy looking, and cute, and very, very crowded. It's on a main strip in SoHo, so it's next to several other shops and eateries around it. My friend was late, and as they did almost everything by reservation; they told me to wait 30 minutes due to the crowd. Since my friend was late anyways, and I had nothing better to do, I waited it out, and gave my name. The place had a lovely atmosphere inside; it felt very antiquated, but not overly fussy or overly formal. The downside was the table sizes; I didn't have too much of an issue as I only ordered the cake, (which they make very small), and ordered some vanilla tea with it, (which is quite good, but it's difficult to taste any sweetness in it even when you put a few tablespoons of sugar in the small pot they give; I drank the tea before eating the cake, since heavier sweets always affects how lighter sweets taste to me.) I figured if I did order a lunch or dinner meal, I might have had quite a bit of trouble balancing the dishes on the table. The cake was delicious, as was the tea, and I do plan to stop by in the future, just with reservations, and perhaps on a not so busy day. (I appreciated the complimentary postcard they give you; most places don't do that!) ^^


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