Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review on Cathy's Place Diner- Brooklyn, New York

      I haven't really talked about local diners or restaurants in Brooklyn as much as I wanted to, so let me talk about this place really quick. Cathy's Place has been around Bay Ride since forever, and many people whose been in the neighborhood a long time can tell you about it. I've visited this place quite a few times over the years, and the quality has always been an excellent quality, as well as the service. The place has a lot of old folks on occasion, who usually come in for their daily coffee or tea, and they'll read the newspaper or what not. The feel of the place is like you're going to your grandma's house, and they make you feel comfortable too. I didn't have it this time, but if you get the chance, try one of their malts/ ice cream floats, they're very addicting! I also recommend their french toast, and toasted muffins, they never tasted stale, and had the right amount of flavor to it! (Hot cocoa is great too!)



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