Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rolando's- Hot Springs, Arkansas

          When me and two other friends went to Hot Springs, one recommended we try Rolando's, a Hispanic restaurant. (One of the owners came from Ecuador.) Rolando's patio in the back was very beautiful and next to a hillside; it was very elegant and slightly kitsch; the trees had rainbow Christmas lights on them, making the scene fairly colorful. (The interior of the restaurant had hundreds of colorful portraits too.) I was in an in-between mood for food, but I relented and ordered. I got some chicken quesadillas, and shared some stringy white queso with the other girls. (It tasted good but it wasn't liquid cheese; it was like stringy feta cheese that wasn't melted all the way, making it a little difficult to eat.) I tried to stop eating it after I got my quesadillas; it came with rice which I gave away, as I couldn't finish. The little quesadillas tasted good... at first. I didn't realize I had too much cheese from the queso, and although I finished, I was afraid my stomach was getting a bit nauseated. (It didn't help, that while it tasted good, the cheese they used was vaguely reminiscent to the cheese I had on a sandwich in New York, which gave me food poisoning.) I do like their dishes, but if I go again, I'll be sure to just order one dish.


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