Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review on Hiroko's Place - Manhattan, New York (Closed)

          Hey everyone! I still have a few Arkansas posts I need to get done, but I want to get started in the New York posts before I forget. I heard about Hiroko's Place from a few other blogs, and after hearing positive opinions on the place, decided to try it myself. I went yesterday with an old friend and my brother, and had a relative easy time finding it. The restaurant is modeled like a comfortable diner or cafe', and it's very relaxing; you can spend as long as you like in there without feeling like you have to leave. The decor was all very cute, and I secretly wished some of it was for sale, but I don't think it was. They had a section of imported manga, which is a pleasant addition to the place. (Unfortunately, as most was imported, you can't really read them unless you know Japanese.)

          The food was really tasty! I always wanted to try omurice, so I was glad I had the opportunity to. Omurice is the abbreviated term for omelet rice, which is essentially what the dish is; a type of fried rice with sauce inside an omelet. The ladies serving were very polite and friendly, and I felt very comfortable asking for condiments or whatever extra things we needed. The omurice itself was quite delicious, although slightly pricier than I assumed, but I do recommend it if you get the chance.


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