Sunday, June 16, 2013

Visiting Laduree in Manhattan

         I waited about two years until I got the opportunity to visit Laduree. Laduree is a french confectionery shop, and is said to be the first place in France to originally popularize the macaron. Since they're known for being the longest shop to carry macarons, for some 200 years, I waited until I got the chance to try theirs. They also sold other sweets and chocolates, but I had my eyes for the macarons. They also sold a lot of quality items in their gift shop, ranging from candles and cards, to totes, key chains, and silk scarves. I wanted a tote, but it wasn't in my price range, unfortunately, (about $70!), so I went for one of the scarves, (all of them were cute, but I chose one that had my favorite colors in it. Wish it had a little blue.~) The scarf was a little more affordable, ranging about $35. The macarons are priced like other bakeries, and you can buy one or a couple; their is no limit. I bought four, a raspberry, a strawberry, rose petal, and a seasonal one, strawberry candy.The raspberry and one of the strawberry's had a type of jam in the center, while the rose and candy had a more cream type filling. My verdict? They were great! But they were more sugary than other versions; it's best not to eat all of them at the same time. It was all very soft and filling, and I did like it
a lot. Some people who are not fond of sweets might prefer a lighter variety, as I mentioned, they're very flavorful and delicious, and filling as well.


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