Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brooklyn, New York Sweets- Little Cupcake Bakeshop (Update 2014)

     Today, let's talk about the Little Cupcake Bakeshop.The shop opened up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a few years back,around the mid 2000's. (I don't recall the exact date, and the website doesn't mention it.)(Edit: It was 2005.) They have one other branch, in Manhattan, but I haven't visited it. The place is designed as a cute cafe', with chandeliers above, and some vintage photos around which compliments the jazz music they occasionally play.
         The cafe'/bakery is known for their cupcakes, but they also sell coffee products, breakfast, cakes, and other sweets like cookie bars or pudding.The place is small, but comfortable, and the prices aren't high for the food. (Though if you want to purchase a t-shirt or bag, they range around $30, since they use a portion of that money for charity.) The cupcakes have icing and are thick, but they don't have a heavy taste; you get the feeling that you want to eat another one right after you finish the first! C: I've been to this bakery many times, and every time I went I wasn't disappointed with the quality of the food, or the friendly customer service.

Taken from across the street; the official site has a closer photo of the entrance.

                                                When you purchase something,                                                  
                                                they put their logo in a pink box.              

                                                        Some of the goods. C:

                                This was the lemon flavored one; it's sweet and slightly tangy.
       This unique looking bar is the smore's bar. Has alot of melted marshmallow and chocolate! XD
 The last thing I ordered was the Fruity Pebbles Treat; this would be good with some milk.
All you cupcake fans should try this shop!
     Do you have any cupcake shops in your town?
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       (Update 2014: I wanted to show the raspberry sweet tea I got and the blue velvet cupcake; it was great!)

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