Saturday, September 24, 2011

Omiya Sushi - Brooklyn,New York

          So, the first few posts were about shops located around different parts of Manhattan, but what about outside of Manhattan? Another borough I'm familiar with is Brooklyn. So, here is my review of a small Japanese restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

          How many of you have tried Japanese food? Omiya was actually the first Japanese restaurant I've visited, and went there when I was invited by a friend. My friend, who has visited Japan, said it's more of an American interpretation of Japanese food, but likes it regardless.

        So how was it? Like the name suggests, the biggest portion of their menu is reserved for sushi.Their menu is very unique, as they name every type of sushi they make. (Some examples are "Rainbow" or "AK47".) The outside of the shop looks small, but the interior has alot of space for tables and chairs, so you can move around.Since I am not a fan of eating raw anything, my friend offered to help choose something that was cooked. We ended up purchasing various kinds of sushi that had different types of fish eggs on them,some sweet shrimp dish on skewers, and rolls with crab meat. ( I think it was the California Roll.) All the rolls/sushi came with ginger and wasabi.(For the curious, it seems in any sushi place you go it will come with the food. The pink thing is ginger and the green is wasabi which is very hot/spicy. The wasabi is to add extra flavor to your sushi, while the ginger is to clean your mouth to avoid an aftertaste when trying a new roll/fish.)
         I mostly let her do the picking though, since I wasn't familiar with much of the menu. XD We both ordered green tea for drinks, which the waiters always refill for you. They serve the food in chopsticks, but I'm assuming they also offer regular silverware if you don't want chopsticks. (It was my third time using them but I don't think I did too bad... XD)

                  Here are some photos; I apologize for the poor quality since it was a very dim place.

Some dishes we got; I don't remember what the white thing was but the yellow is the shrimp with sweet sauce on skewers.

Taken at the table we sat in.

I remember these tasted very good; I'm pretty sure they were the California Rolls.

Outside was sunny so it helped the photo.
                                                       Outside of the restaurant.
                                                  A better view of the bottom portion.

              The restaurant had good food, but don't be afraid to ask before you order something, as not everything on their menu lists what is in them. The waiters mostly keep their distance and only come when refilling drinks or removing plates, so it's not a place were you feel crowded or pressured to leave every 10 minutes. (I've been to places that do this.) So if you're in this part of town, go give it a look. C:

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