Monday, September 26, 2011

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Sweets- Cortas Rose Drink

           I'm going to talk about a drink I'm sure most people in the United States haven't tried,(and yet it was purchased in a shop located in New York!) Cortas Rose Drink is a sweet drink that tastes like rose,( yes, the flower.) When me and and my mother decided to take a walk one day, we arrived in the Middle Eastern district of town in Brooklyn,New York. ( If you're curious it's around the 70's street in Bay Ridge, in 4th and 5th avenue.) I noticed a sweet shop that had pastries outside, so we went in to have a look. I was thirsty, and noticed a small bottle with red liquid inside. Since it had a unique flavor, I asked my mother to purchase it. Well, I'm certainly glad I did that! It was love at first taste. XD

         The company that makes the drink, Cortas, originated from Lebanon, as stated on their " About Us" section.  However, it seems they do not sell to regular consumers, but as a retailer to small businesses.  (They also sell a syrup version to mix with water, so you can make the drink yourself.) If you want to try the drink, your best bet is to look in Middle Eastern shops, or ask if they can order it for you. (If I find a shop list in the future, I'll publish it here.)

The drinks are sold in glass bottles, so I had the idea to put coins in it. It was nice for the few weeks it held up.... XP
(Excuse the photo quality; it's old and from a cell phone.)
Actually, I briefly mentioned it, but the macaron shop had a rose flavored one which I purchased. ( It tastes pretty similar to the drink actually! XD)

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