Friday, September 23, 2011

New York City Sweets- Macaron Cafe' (Update 2014)

          How many of you have heard of macarons? Most likely, you might have seen photos of them in the web but didn't realize what they were called.Or, you might have heard of a similar sounding sweet, the macaroon, which is a coconut pastry. Macarons, for the curious, are a french sweet made out of almond and sugar. It's a cookie confection that usually has a cream, or jam filling, and each one will be a different color. After hearing from various different places on the web of how good they tasted, I, having a big sweet tooth, went on a hunt to get some. After some digging around it seemed a macaron craze had grown in New York City. And so, after much debating, I decided to try the macarons made at the Macaron Cafe'.
         We went to the location in Madison Avenue, near southeast of Central Park. The cafe' has a light food menu, but me and my friends went straight to the macarons that day. I remember getting a rose flavored one and an almond one. It was very sweet and soft; and also light; something like this would be very good with tea or coffee. C: If you're tempted to try some, then you're in luck; in the website I linked to, they ship everywhere nationwide.

The front entrance sign...
   Their display window has a metal design in the shape of a dress, covered in macarons! Sorry for the glare, it was really sunny that day.

I ended up bringing some home for my mother, (and friend),that day; the flavors in the bag are:
pink- rose/orange-mango/ light yellow-almond
So,if you have a sweet tooth and are looking for something new to try, go get a macaron!

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