Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boylan Soda

 Hey everyone! Today's post will be a short one, since I don't feel like writing much. If you'll look at this post, you'll see I was talking about a vintage soda brand sold in New York. Well, it looks like there are other similar brands of vintage bottle sodas, and the latest one I discovered is called Boylan Soda. (Their website is here.) Boylan soda takes pride in their brand for using pure cane sugar, and for having a natural version of their sodas available, with no preservatives and such. They also sell birch beers, and seltzers, with a beer recipe used from the founder in 1891. The website has a search so you can see where you can purchase it in your area.~ So if you're like me, and like trying flavored soda in vintage soda bottles, go give it a try!


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