Friday, February 10, 2012

Holiday Halloween Peeps~

     Hey guys! Once again, I'm too lazy and tired to make a long post, about much of anything really, so I found the perfect thing to talk about,haha!
           So how many of you have eaten Peeps marshmallows? They are typically known for their marshmallow chicks that come out around Easter time, but they expanded to get all the major holidays in the U.S.A, lol. If you don't know what they are, here is their website. They also have a search engine on their site to see where you can purchase their products, which is a handy thing I'm noticing alot of food and beverage sites are doing. XD
           So, for a way overdue post, this was to show my discovery of their Halloween chocolate marshmallow treats, with orange colored marshmallow inside! I thought it was cute and quirky, and didn't taste bad at all! (If you have a sweet tooth like me, that is!) So here is some photos I took around Halloween of it~


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