Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nancy's Deli Spirals

      A Happy Belated New Year's to everyone! How is your New Year's going? This past month flew by so fast, and I'm thinking it's still December,lol. Well, in any case, a post is in order, and I have a few new goodies to share here and there! ( Which I will post as soon as I get a new adapter; mine just broke. :p)

      Anyways, today I have a story to tell, which is related to the title, so bare with me.:p So a few years ago, my high school had a silent auction which I attended, and some of the ladies brought in some deli spirals. That was my first time trying them, and I fell in love with the taste. My mother asked where we could get it, and they said they bought it at Sam's Club. Fast forward to a few months ago; my mother finally found it and bought it to try at home. They were all gone in less than a week,haha! So this brand, Nancy's Deli Spirals is one that I recommend! If you want to try them, they're in the frozen food section; just thaw it out and eat!


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