Sunday, July 28, 2013

Serendipity 3 - Upper East Side, New York

          When I was in New York this summer, I made an effort to try every popular sweet place, and to try confections that were difficult to find in Arkansas. (For example, not a single place currently, that I'm aware about, sells Baked Alaskan cake in Arkansas.) Serendipity 3 was on my radar for a while, since many people said fairly good things about their desserts, as well as the fact some celebrities visited the shop, and it was featured in a movie, Serendipity. I'll be honest, I never saw the movie, but it built a reputation for being a cute and rather quirky restaurant, so I made it on my list of things to do. So, the place was very cute and quirky, and a little small; it was crowded the day we went and it was a tight fit in the back with our group and all the waiters moving. Everything else went pretty smoothly though, I really loved the decor and sweets; it had a 'Alice in Wonderland' vibe with quirky items strung in the ceiling and an assortment of items in the gift shop. I had a chicken crepe, which tasted like chicken pot pie in a wrap. Everyone loved the desserts; we had a chocolate fondue and fruit to dip it in, and the popular Frozen Hot Chocolate that does deserve the hype!  I do recommend a visit to this place, even once. c:


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