Monday, July 29, 2013

Central Park - 2013 ( Lower Half of the Park.)

          On the same day we went to Serendipity 3, it was still mid-afternoon, so we all decided to head to head to Central Park. ( There's a second site here. ) We spent about 30- 40 minutes walking, and it was a rare pleasant day, where the weather wasn't too humid or dry. I really like the idea of relaxing there; I was secretly wishing we brought extra food to have a picnic or something, but the walking was fine too. We walked about a quarter of the park, went past the zoo, and stopped at the Alice in Wonderland statue. I went to Central Park only once, when I was 7, and briefly went to the tip last summer, but didn't really walk around in it, so I was glad to get this opportunity. (Now on the other hand, I went to Prospect Park several times as a kid, and I have a fair bit of knowledge in that area, as I went to summer camp there.) Here's some photos I took of Central Park; next time I might take some in Prospect Park. c:


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