Sunday, December 1, 2013

Packet House Grill- Little Rock, Arkansas (closed)

       Wow, I can't believe it's December! Time sure flies, especially with all the essays and exams
 at the end of the semester. So, I've been meaning to review this restaurant I went to back in September for a while, but haven't had the chance. On September 28, a friend and I went to see a touring version of Wicked, and as we were dressed up, decided to eat out at a fancy restaurant my friend heard about beforehand. So before we saw the play, we ate out at the Packet House Grill. The Packet House is a fancy dine in restaurant in a renovated mansion. I believe you can ask for seats at the door, but it might be better to call a few hours to a day in advance so you can be sure to have a seat. (Seating was very limited; I counted about 5 tables, but there might be another room I'm not aware of.)

      We sat at a round table, and a waitress came immediately to give us the menus. For drinks I ordered tea, and I ordered roasted duck breast and requested it to be medium well, since she mentioned it was usually cooked medium raw. (I don't think it made much of a difference, but as she said "It tastes better medium," I went ahead with it. I don't usually get medium or raw anything.) The place serves high end Southern food, and a mix of American/European food. They also had a few desserts off menu; they will tell you what they have available after dinner. About decor, it was done in a sleek and elegant, but simple way. It wasn't overly decorated, but they had a few paintings and candles here and there to give you a warm feeling, like you're in a rich person's dining room.

       Now the duck was amazing! I fell in love with it after one bite! I recommend everyone to try it at least once. We ordered seasoned fries with a house sauce and those were very tasty too; the fries tasted freshly cut, and tasted good with or without the sauce. The dessert we got was a s'mores parfait, which was more than enough for two people, but as we were so stuffed we couldn't finish it. (They don't mind putting things to go either.) The parfait was pretty tasty; the crust outer layer is marshmallow cream lightly roasted, with graham crackers and a type of vanilla custard underneath. It was very tasty, but the custard threw me off a bit as I assumed it was an ice cream parfait.

      Overall, I was very pleased and happy with my time at the Packet House, and I plan to take some of my relatives there sometime! ( Photos may be smaller than usual because my friend played with my phone that day.) Oh,one last thing about prices, food ranged about $20 per person, more or less.


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