Monday, November 4, 2013

Sweet Love Pastry Shop - A Macaron Place in Little Rock (closed)

        Hi everyone! I haven't been posting much since school has gotten in the way. I made a new Tumblr I will eventually add, and I think I might make a third one to sort of go with this blog, and for personal  interests. I bought a few items I might do a review on, and I went out and ate at a few places, but because I didn't take photos of the front of the stores, I decided not to do reviews of them until I do. I also want to talk about movies down the line, since that is what I have been actively watching lately, so maybe when I get the chance. Anyways, on to the review!

         Sweet Loves is a cute bakery in Cantrell I had the chance to visit with a friend, who lived in the area. It was her first time going there, and I first suggested it to her when I was looking for more macaron shops in Arkansas, and saw a review for them. They don't just specialize in macarons though, they also have a lot of pastries, and specialty cakes. In fact you can go and order any type of cake you want, they'll get whatever type and flavor you want, down to the icing. The place has a cute vintage air to it, and everything looks very new and fresh, despite being there about 2 years, (or so I heard.) I went for the macarons, which were all very tasty; I got blueberry, a vanilla, a coffee flavored one, and I forgot the last, but they tasted great and reminded me of a mix of the macarons at The Financier, and The Macaron Cafe'. I had a piece of their salted caramels which were also pretty good; it had the right amount of salt and sweetness. Next time I stop by I'll be sure to try their cupcakes and cookies too!~



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