Monday, February 11, 2013

Jones Soda Review

   My friend and I went to a cafe' in the area a few weeks ago, and near the counter, I eyed a new drink I never saw before. What's more, it was a soda brand that had unusual flavors, and when I saw they had a bubblegum soda, or a lemonade flavored soda, I decided this was something I needed to try! Apparently,if you go on their site, and read their "About Page," they started as a small Canadian distributor, and moved years ago to Seattle, Washington. As you might have already known, if you lurked in the snack section of my blog, it's not the first time for me to try fruit flavored soda. However what  is unusual is when I see flavors like bubblegum, or pomegranate pop up, that other brands haven't seemed to try. (And the bubblegum, and lemonade actually taste like it, by the way.) I'm glad I found a new brand to try, and they're trying to get more popular, so support them and buy one if you find it!


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