Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mediterranean Sweets : Ulker Icim Visne Sour Cherry Juice

            Hey everyone! Today is a short post on a Turkish drink I bought recently, Icim Visne
     Sour Cherry juice, by the brand Ulker. Like what you might suspect, the drink is good for
     people who want to drink something tart, that's only mildly sweet. It's a light drink, but if
     you like sour candy or sour/sweet foods, I recommend giving this a try. C: One last thing,
     I bought this at an Arab store called Damascus, in downtown Brooklyn, but if you can't find 
     a store nearby, you can probably find it online in some shops. (I did a quick Google search,
    and the Damascus I'm talking about is a grocery store, not a bakery. Didn't want any confusion!)


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