Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Rock, Arkansas- Cheeburger Cheeburger (Closed)

              So, who likes burgers? Or, rather, burgers that isn't produced in fastfood chains? If you want to try quality burgers, then you're looking at a great place to get one.   
            Cheeburger Cheeburger was one of those places occasionally advertised on television locally, but the slightly old looking commercial and quick photos of the place gave a misguided idea of how the place looked. Before I actually went to it, I assumed it was a type of burger buffet where you stand in line, choose the condiments, and they give it to you. (Kinda like Five Guys.) Well I was close, but the place is a restaurant; you are expected to sit down and order the burger how you like,  and eat in.

                  The place looks like just like a 50's diner with some modern flair to it; the music is old Do-wop music as well as other music from the 50's,60's and 70's. The place has scattered posters of vintage celebrities, and the whole design is inspired by the old malt shops of the 1950's. One amusing thing you might notice is the hanging tie dye t-shirts hanging off the ceiling, which you can purchase to show your love and support for the store. Overall it's a fun and quirky place. XD
(They have a notice in some parts of the store stating if you wear one of their shirts the next time you come in, you'll get a free drink.)
                    I've been to Cheeburger, Cheeburger about four times now, and each time I went I was never disappointed with the food . (They have different waiters each day; some seem more active than others, with my last one or two visits having a laid back waiter.) You have to sit on a bench until one of the waiters come to seat you, and then you get to choose how to make your cheeseburger with any of the topinngs. Along with the burgers, they offer fries or onion rings as sides, and they also offer wraps. The second nicest thing to the burgers would have to be the drink menu. They have different flavored iced tea/hot teas and lemonade, regular fountain drinks, shakes, malts, and new soda flavors, where you recieve a bottle mixer to shake and "make" your own soda! XD If my visiting there numerous times hasn't told you yet, I think it's a pretty darn good place!

                            (These photos were taken on different days at the same location.)

                                            Tea and other drinks are served in jam jars.XD
                                             The first sign you will see as you step in.

                                      Their malt menu is on the wall, and a few other places.
                                       This was from my last visit; it's a Key Lime Pie Malt.

                         Also from my last visit; I got ranch, American cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. 
                                            This is their "classic" so they do offer bigger burgers.
                           The Make-Your-Own-Soda! XD I think it was peach or mango; I forget. ;p

                                                                 The entrance.
                         I went there recently and had to recommend the Vanilla Egg-Cream Soda!
                                                It reminded me a bit of Egg Nog. XD
                                                                The ceiling. XD
   Overall, if you're a fan of burgers, try this place out, if not, you might want to try elsewhere.:p


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