Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Rock, Arkansas - Buffalo Wild Wings

               Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain Bar and Grill joint,that has a decent amount of locations around the states. The prices are around the same as other food chains that aren't advertised as fast food, (such as Olive Garden or IHOP), so you will generally find items anywhere between $9 to $20 something dollars. I've been to two locations, one at Hot Springs and the other one in Little Rock, near Cantrell Road, and it seems each one is designed in a similar manner.(The photos and review are for the Little Rock one only.)
                The first thing I noticed when stepping into the restaurant, was the TV sets. Some had television games, some had sports, and one or two had the news. Everywhere you turned, there was a TV set! (This was true for both branches, so I think it's a company policy or something. ;p) They played, along with the television, some bluegrass/folk music on the radio that day.The place is generally family friendly for the day time, but I did see a glass room with a bar that had a notice on the door for,"18 and older." There were some people in it during the day, when I went, but I have a good hunch it get's packed in the evening hours.

                   So, at this time you're probably having an idea that they sell steak and ribs or something along those lines,right? Well kinda, but not quite. The slightly misleading name doesn't help much, but the place is mostly known for it's comfort food, a.k.a chicken wings. Chicken wings, burgers, as well as salads and some sandwiches. (Sorry steak lovers, they don't seem to have it on the menu!) But mostly the chicken wings. They have a bunch of sauce and seasoning flavors to add to your wings, from mildly spicy, to burning hot. To get you an idea of some flavors, they have sauces like " Sweet BBQ" "Parmesan Garlic," to more spicier ones like "Wild" or "Blazin."
                   The service was good and the waitress offered suggestions after hearing me and my brother were on a budget. They have a rather decent selection for (non alcoholic) drinks, which is a nice change from typical fountain drinks. The food is comfort food, but really well made comfort food, and afterwards you really don't feel that guilty eating it, even if you should. (Waiting 20 minutes for food has its payoffs... ;p) If bright lights don't bother you, or alot of noise,(which they keep low, by the way), go find a Buffalo Wild Wings near your town!

                   All the front entrances of every branch are decorated in White, Black, and Yellow.
                                                       Some of the TV sets.
                                                 Coca-Cola ad next to our seats.
                                                        Better view of the area.
                                     Mango lemonade; they do offer free refills for these! C:
                                                      Mini Corndogs with cheese.
I ordered the Parmesan Garlic Wings; my brother ordered Hot Wings. We had ranch on the side.

Have you been to a Buffalo Wild Wings?

                 Going off-topic for a moment, I'm probably not going to do articles for films or books until I have a break from school. The main reason I'm sticking to articles of places I'm visiting,(for now), is because they're the quickest and the shortest. For book reviews and similar media, I like to review every chapter, so you can see how that can be more time consuming. :p

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