Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Loca Luna - Little Rock, Arkansas

            So a week or two ago, I went out with some friends to Hot Springs, and when I came back, we went to Loca Luna. I heard about Loca Luna, and it sounded like a quirky place, so I didn't mind going. I had the assumption from outside it would be like a fancy diner, or a fancy something, and while I was right about the price range, (mid tier like $15 for a plate), the restaurant was actually very quirky and casual on the inside. Along with the restaurant host, there is a mannequin in the front entrance to meet you, and the paintings all look surreal and unusual. Regardless, inside and the outside deck managed to blend this with a sense of classiness, and it works. I had alfredo with soft crab, and the meal was pretty tasty; I ate all of the crab, but couldn't finish the pasta. Next time though, I might try something different. A slightly expensive restaurant with a casual and fun atmosphere; it's an interesting experience.


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