Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TGI Fridays- North Little Rock, Arkansas

              I like to try chain diners or chain restaurants; the prices are a little higher than fast food, but it's also technically a bit healthier than quick, fast food chains. Sure, you spend a little more, but it's for a meal, rather than something taking less than five minutes, and making you hungry again after a short time. With that said, I only went to TGI Fridays once in another state, so I decided to try them again at their location in North Little Rock. They didn't have tables ready but told us we could order at the bar. The food took a while to prepare; some 13 minutes or so, but the herbs and sauces they used made the dish pretty tasty. I got shrimp and chicken, which they pack with cheese and it added more flavor. I liked it, and managed to eat the whole dish haha. The mashed potatoes, which usually comes off as bland in other places, actually was tasty; it had garlic flavoring. Fridays menu is a tad pricier than other diners, but I would still recommend it for a get together or something; the food was pretty good.


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