Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory- Charlotte, North Carolina (Airport)

             I bought from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory quiet a few times, but I realized I never took photos or blogged about the place, so I finally decided to do it. Rocky Mountain is an American chocolate company that is based in Durango, Colorado. Along with all sorts of chocolates, they also sell candy and caramel or chocolate covered apples. The chocolate covered marshmallows are always a treat; I try to get one when I see a shop of theirs. This time around, I purchased a candy apple as well, which was excellent; I hadn't had one since I was a little kid, and it tasted like the ones I remember. The candy melts quick though, even if refrigerated, so eat it quickly! I never tried their dark chocolate, but I recommend their milk chocolate treats; next time I'll try some of their fudge too.~


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