Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Otafuku - Manhattan, New York

         This year, I wanted to try three Japanese snack/light meal items that I wasn't able to find anywhere in Arkansas. Lucky for me, Otafuku had all three items I wanted to try; okonomiyaki, (a fried cabbage pancake), takoyaki, (fried octopus balls), and taiyaki, the sweet shaped like a fish with sweet red bean in it. What I didn't expect was how big everything would be, so I wasn't able to finish everything, but at least I tried it all. XD Okay, Otafuku is a tiny to go place; you can't really sit in, (they only have three seats inside), so my friend and I ordered to go and we walked around before we ate. I had the taiyaki first, and it was how I suspected it would taste; (I had red bean before), light and flaky with a slight crunch, and sweet on the inside. (The batter has a light sweetness to it.) I had the takoyaki balls next, and that left me full on it's own; they were more filling than I thought it would be. Unfortunately, since they're fried foods, I couldn't save the okonomiyaki for later, (I doubt it would taste good reheated), so I ate about half of the okonomiyaki; all of it tasted good, but I couldn't finish it! It was a good first experience; but in Otafuku, (most likely because I was full), I liked the taiyaki and takoyaki the best. (I might get the okonomiyaki by itself in the future.)



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