Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Maid Cafe' NY- Manhattan, New York (Closed)

               So, some time last year I heard about a maid cafe opening in New York. Wanting to try the experience, I went with a friend,and we got desserts, as she recommended them over the food. When we went, it was late in the evening, and we were the only girls that evening. The two maids gave us menus, but spent most of the time chatting behind the counter. They were in uniform; the costumes were cute, and they had a cosplay section at the store, but I didn't see anything I absolutely wanted. I did love the desserts though! I had the green tea shaved ice with red bean, and chocolate banana crepe, but the shaved ice was filling enough, so I only could take a few bites of it. I did enjoy both desserts, and do recommend trying them! It was an interesting atmosphere; I think I would have like it more if we were in a Butler Cafe', haha.(I thought the to go box illustration was hilarious, so I had to share it.) I didn't take a photo of the maids because they charge $5 for photos,haha. (I guess I could have sneaked one, but they were behind the counter.)

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