Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jacques Torres - Brooklyn, New York

                A couple months ago, I was searching for good hot cocoa spots in New York, and that's how I heard of Jacques Torres, dubbed Mr. Chocolate. He makes his chocolate locally in Brooklyn, and has one location in DUMBO(Brooklyn), with the other locations in Manhattan. My brother and I had a hard time finding the place; but then we found it under a construction zone, which was why the sign was difficult to see.The interior was so cute! It was how you'd imagine a chocolate boutique to look, and they decorated it with summer colors with hundreds of colorful flowers; it's so pretty! Everything from the cookies to the cocoa is made with his own recipes, and the shop ladies recommended us to try some. My brother got a chocolate chip cookie, (which were huge), and I got their traditional cocoa, and ordered two chocolate pieces with cream inside; I had the key lime chocolate, and green tea chocolate pieces, and they were both a little piece of heaven! The hot cocoa, which I had first, was very rich in cocoa, but it was actually not overly sweet; I liked it a a lot. Definitely give his chocolate a try!


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