Monday, July 7, 2014

Dallas BBQ - Brooklyn, New York

          Even though Arkansas is in the south, it's a little difficult finding a good BBQ beef rib place. (Now pork ribs, they have them everywhere.) One of my favorite chain restaurants in New York is Dallas BBQ, who makes some of the best beef ribs I ever tried. (Other than my mother's, of course.) The restaurant is a bit picky with drinks; no refills,except for water. But their daiquiris and pinacoladas are awesome, and go well with the BBQ. (They have virgin ones too, for those who don't like alcohol.) I had a berry daiquiri, (non-alcoholic), and some beef ribs, which I was craving. They serve it with some cornbread and butter, which is pretty good too. They're slightly pricey, but I recommend you try them for their beef ribs, (they make pork too though, and it also has great reviews.~)



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