Monday, October 14, 2013

Mooncake for the Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese sweet)

                Hey everyone! I had so many things I wanted to talk about that I have saved on my desktop,(that I'll get around to eventually), but today I decided to talk about moon-cakes. Moon-cakes are a Chinese sweet usually filled with red bean paste, azuki, or lotus seed paste and has an egg yolk to represent the moon. There has been several traditions about the moon, and tales in Chinese history, but regardless of the stories, families will get together in the Mid- Autumn festival, (also called the Moon Festival) and eat moon-cake. This year the festival was on September 19, but I had the pastry before that. I had one with lotus seed paste, and it was very good, but I think it might be an acquired taste since my mother wasn't fond of it.Regardless if one likes it or not, most people agree it's heavy and very sweet so people will  recommend not to eat the whole thing at the same time. Here is some more information on the festival and a few recipes to try it yourself. As for purchases, you can generally find moon cake at Asian groceries closer to the time of the festival, or even at Amazon closer to the holiday. As for me, I really like the lotus seed flavor, but I'd like to try other flavors down the line too.


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