Sunday, October 6, 2013

Magnum - Gold Ice-cream Bar

           Hey everyone! It's been busy and stressful the past couple of months; sorry for
    not keeping this blog updated as much as I would like to. ~ I wanted to talk about Magnum.
    Magnum is an ice cream brand that was originally made in 1989 and it seems it had started
    out in Germany, but has since been owned by Unilever, a multi-national European company.
    (It's supposed to be an English/Dutch company, but I'm having a hard time out of Wikipedia to
    verify that.) Anyways, I've seen Magnum chocolate before, and I liked it a lot, but instead of
    me saying how good it is, I wanted to show you photos of their Gold bar, since it was my first
    time seeing and trying Gold colored ice cream. (It tasted like chocolate caramel by the way. And
    yes, the bar glittered.)


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