Wednesday, August 14, 2013

People's Pops- Manhattan, New York

      Back in June, I was exasperated for some Asian shaved ice, which looked far more decorative and fruitier than their American counterparts, (usually.) Since I heard there was a few locations in Manhattan that had them, (but I didn't know exactly where until later), I had my friend use her smart phone and find the nearest shaved ice place it could locate. The nearest was a stall owned by the People's Pops. They are a company known for making handmade popsicles, but I didn't know that either; I just wanted shaved ice. I had a sour cherry that tasted really good, but their version of shaved ice was more similar to sno-cones, which tend to have chunkier ice particles, not the soft and fluffy shaved ice other places have. It wasn't bad at all though, just wasn't what I was looking for. (I did find what I was looking for though, and will post it later!) I went to the location either in East Village or Chelsea Market; it was really late so I wasn't sure what part of town I was in, haha. (I just followed my friend, didn't read street signs, haha.) I haven't had their popsicles yet, but their shaved ice wasn't bad at all; it was pretty cool to watch how the guy literally shaved ice from a huge ice block. (Photos were taken at night so not the best quality~)




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