Sunday, August 18, 2013

DK Kitchen - Bensonhurst, Brooklyn-NYC

           DK Kitchen was an interesting find for me; I'll share the story. This was towards the end of June, and I wanted to take a break from going to Manhattan all the time. So I looked up where to try some Baked Alaskan cake near Brooklyn, so I wouldn't have to travel a lot. So I find DK Kitchen in Bensonhurst, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. You have to reserve about half an hour in advance for a Baked Alaskan, so I called in and they said we could come whenever we want in the day. You can technically order the dessert while you're in, but you have to wait 30 minutes or so for them to prepare it. I had a seafood dinner with my friend, but the items we got don't seem to be listed on the online menu. We had two appetizers, calamari, and lobster with sweet sauce and mango, (both which were really good!) Lastly,was the Baked Alaskan, which was heavenly! They flame it up at your table, and the toasted meringue reminded me of toasted marshmallows, but with a lot of fruit and ice cream. XD The cake had cherries, strawberries, and kiwi all over it, and I really recommend it! The place was almost empty when we came, so you don't have to wait for lines here, I'm sure. Go visit if you want to try Baked Alaskan in Brooklyn. ^^



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