Monday, August 19, 2013

Cafe Ele - Manhattan, New York

         All right, school is starting tomorrow, and before I get bombarded by work, I thought I could try and organize my last few batches of photos beforehand. Let's talk about my big find. I was meeting a friend in Korea town in Manhattan, and before I left, I Googled shaved ice in Korean and typed it in Yelp. Sure enough loads of shops had them! So I decided if we were to sit down, to go and try one. We decided to go to Ele, a cafe. (Sometimes the place is called Cafe Ele by visitors; they don't have an official website, unfortunately.) Ele was a very narrow cafe, and I was glad there was hardly anyone when we went. I didn't take a photo of the front as the building was going through construction in the front, so you couldn't really see the entrance unless you was walking next to it. I thought of ordering food, but they were a bit on the pricey range; since we weren't that hungry, we just bought a shaved ice, (called bingsoo in Korean,) which was really huge! We got a strawberry flavored one, and it was topped with pocky, fruit, and ice cream, with the shaved ice in the very bottom; it was a little crunchy, but had a lot of flavor in the ice, also thanks to the condiments melted into it. It was pretty good, and the cafe' had a relaxing atmosphere; they let us stay as long as we wanted, (so much in fact, we worried that they forgot about us! We had to go to the counter to get a check and pay, so I guess that's what's expected in this cafe'.) The bingsoo was really nice, and now I think I'll try other shops in the area, to see which other ones I like. XD



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