Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sky Modern Japanese Restaurant in Little Rock

                    Good afternoon, everyone! Today I'm going to post a review of Sky Modern Japanese
            restaurant, which is actually a fusion restaurant of Japanese and French food. I went there
            around June, before I left for New York, and went around the evening, so I'll be commenting
            on the dinner menu that they have.
                    When my friend and I went here, we weren't sure what to expect. Sky replaced Capi's,
            which I never went to, but this place had a more professional/elegant air than the previous
            restaurant. Knowing that there were a few other expensive restaurants nearby, we were a
            little worried, at first, so it was helpful to see they posted an outside menu to give an
            idea for prices. They also have all their menus posted in the website above, so I'll leave it at
            that, for questions on specific prices.
                          A juice/soda menu was not listed in the main menu, just various mixed alcoholic
             beverages, but since I didn't want to pay $7 for one glass of a drink, and didn't want any
             juices/sodas, so I just ordered water. They serve it very chilled, and it was free so I had no
             complaints. I was not familiar with many items on the menu, or rather I knew the main
             dish, like crab, or chicken, but was not really aware of some of the condiments they used
             on the dishes. I felt sorry for our waiter, ( and for the record ladies, a good chunk of the
             waiters they have are rather good looking men~), because of how many questions I asked,
             but he was polite, very helpful, and was very patient with me. ^^ In the end, I ordered
             the Soft Shell Crab, without the pepper salad, and got mochi ice cream for dessert. You
             could choose 3 out of 4 flavors, so I got mango, coffee, and strawberry to share with my
             friend. The crab did not seem very big at first, but after I ate it I was pretty full,ha ha. They
             give you a dipping sauce that I think had some garlic flavor in it, and the whole concoction
             was very tasty, in my opinion. As for the mochi, it was some of the best I had! It did not
             taste powdery, or rubbery, like some places make them, but was very soft and melted in
             your mouth. My first impression of this place, as you can tell, was a pleasant one, and I
             do intend to come back again! I tried to capture the lights in the ceiling; it formed an
             illuminated sky with clouds inside, that was so pretty! But my camera phone isn't good
             with lights, so there is a big fat glare instead. ><

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