Monday, July 2, 2012

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt in Little Rock (Closed)

                 Hello~ Today I'm going to talk about the first frozen yogurt place I went to, Orange Leaf.
          Like many other establishments I visited, it's located in the Pleasant Ridge Center in Little
          Rock, and I was first introduced to it by a friend. While many places have mochi as a
          condiment, Orange Leaf usually has boba with juice in them, so they pop in your mouth. XD
          The place is colored in orange, and like the other frozen yogurt places, it offers a fresh,
          modern look to it. And like many frozen yogurt places, (well, other than Red Mango), you
          put as much frozen yogurt as you want, and the payment is by how much it weighs. I do
          recommend the place, it's located in a nice location, and just about any flavor I have tried
          tasted pretty good. Images below show my concoction of  gummy bears, boba, and
          marshmallow, with a blue mystery flavor,( tasted like blueberry to me), cotton candy, and
          the last one was either mango or wedding cake. In their list of flavors I can recommend the
          tart, which is the original, the red velvet, cherry, and birthday cake. When available, the
          egg nog was pretty good too! So, if you're looking for an affordable frozen treat this
          summer, go give this place a look.~


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