Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Rock,Arkansas - Izzy's

                              Today is such a nice day that I decided to make two posts! Ha ha~
                                                  We'll be talking about Izzy's today.
        This post will be based on my second trip to Izzy's, which I did because I wanted a better experience before I judged it. To explain briefly ,the food didn't do it for me, and I tried to order some flavored tea, which you had to make yourself. Even though I read the instructions carefully, the tea tasted like water with a light tea flavor, and the food I ordered, some grilled chicken on pasta, tasted too bland for my liking. But the rest of this review is much better!
           First, of all, before anything else, I'd just like to say, I feel right at home in the quirky, artsy way that the owners shaped Izzy's. The exterior decor of random flowery things around the bushes and seasonal decor add that special atmosphere it gives. The inside is original as well; you can tell the owners love art; the walls are covered with paintings you can purchase, the store has their own brand items to sell, the entire place has different sections of colorful decorations, and each table is decorated with  hand made collages from magazines and other cut out photos. (All protected with a glass cover!)

         I went many times after this particular trip, (which I will add here; their pizzas are awesome!), but on my second trip I purchased an order of chicken quesadillas, which me and a friend split, as it was too much for one person.~ It's very  appetizing and cheesy, and it is very flavorful, so I do recommend everyone to try it! That day I ordered a slice of their famous Lemon Ice Box Pie, which is very soft, and flavorful. However the pie is very thick so I couldn't finish it in one go; I got full after the first few bites. XD The drink I got this time around was sweet tea I think, (it was a few weeks ago), but the waiters always come around the minute they notice your drink is low, and refill for you as many times as you want for free.~

           So do I recommend Izzy's? The staff is polite and friendly, the atmosphere is quirky and not tense at all, and the majority of their food is very good. Yup, I can whole heartedly say yes, go check this place out if your in town!

                                                            Table from my first trip.
                           Update: I tried their shrimp Alfredo pizza with zucchini.I'm in love.~

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