Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Rock, Arkansas - Trio's

               Good morning everyone! Today I will talk about Trio's.  I only went to Trio's twice, and have had a good experience both times; though people I know seem to have differing opinions depending on what they are ordering. The owners of Trio's used to own a restaurant called Capi's, (which you will see mentioned on the website here and there), that was located in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center, but has since run out of business and closed some few months ago. However I was told upon going there that some of the more popular Capi's items have been added to Trio's menu, so if you were a Capi's fan, Trio's is not a bad place to check out! The menu has an assortment of cuisines, some Mediterranean, some Spanish, some American, so there is a little something for everyone.~

           The restaurant itself is designed in a sleek and professional manner; it's a dressy casual type place; going in like you just woke up from bed might be a bad idea, but you do not have to dress like your meeting royalty either; just keep it nice, simple, and put together.( This all my opinion, of course, from visiting the place twice; I did not see a dress code actually listed though I know those types of restaurants exist.)  The place has a private hall as well, right next to the main restaurant, which can be used for any event, parties, business meetings,etc.

          Now before I continue, I want to state my main reason for wanting to go to this restaurant. I found some tourist guides at the airport, and in almost every magazine, Trio's had a giant ad saying," The best desserts in town!" I just needed to hear those words to want to go to the place, what with all my sweet tooth cravings, haha.~

           I don't have photos of food on my first trip, but we went there around lunch time, and I remember ordering a sandwich with chicken and ranch and other condiments and loving it. (It doesn't seem to be in the online menu.) I also ordered dessert of course, and got their key-lime pie, which I fell in love with; and gobbled it all in one go! (Go and try it!) XD

           The second trip was a family event, and was at dinner time, so they had a different menu.
(They do not offer other menu's at the same time, if you go in a certain time of the day you will only get that menu. So dinner time is only the dinner menu, lunch only offers the lunch menu,etc.)  I liked how it sounded, and heard it was a specialty, so I ordered the Voodoo Pasta, which I think tastes awesome! (I had it without the jalapenos, but I think great food tastes great even with taking condiments off!) The second time around, I didn't order dessert myself, but my mother and brother did, and I ended up sampling both of theirs. (One had chocolate pie, and I think the other had coconut. I forgot to take photos of them,sorry!)

           Both times, the restaurant had a friendly and quiet staff, and the place itself is not stuffy or very formal. If your looking for a place for a date or family event, or even just with friends, go give it a look! (The photos below were taken at night, so some of them are dim or have a glare.The fourth photo was an appetizer; Breaded Chicken, and the fifth photo is my Voodoo Pasta.~)



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