Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Rock, Arkansas, Quiznos Sub Sandwich

              Hello everyone! I'm late for school today,haha, and while I'm waiting for my ride thought of making a quick post here.~
               So how many of you tried Quiznos ? For those who don't know, Quiznos is a chain in the United States known primarily for their sub sandwiches; a little similar to Subway. The one I went to was located in the Park Plaza Mall, and as it only had a little store front, I'm not going to critique the place itself, but the service there is polite and good.

                 Now I haven't tried everything in the menu, obviously, but what I do want to say is I think
 everyone should try their Chicken Carbonara on Rosemary Parmesan bread! Exactly as it's listed on the menu,with no changes! (Now this is rare for me, as when I order sandwiches, I usually ask for something to be taken off...) Everytime I go there, I almost always get it! (This is it here .)
 Well that's it for now. Here is some photos of me enjoying it,lol.


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