Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Rock, Arkansas - Five Guys

                             Hey everyone! I'm in an energetic mood tonight! So much that I'm
                                                     doing a third post in one day! XD
                            Have any of you seen a Five Guys before? Five Guys, for those who don't know,
              is a burger joint. It's a chain diner, but the burgers take time to prepare, and they make it
             after you specify what condiments you want, so it's not fast food. ( The whole meal might
            take some 10-15 minutes, if you include fries.) I've been to a location in New York, and in 
            Arkansas, and from what I've seen, they design all their locations in a similar style. The
            decor is primarily in white and red, and looks like a mixture of an old industrial factory
            cafeteria and a 1950's diner all in one. This might be due to the fact that although anyone
            can go in and there is no alcohol anywhere, the target demographic seems to lean towards 
            males a bit more. (Well, that's the impression I get from it, and the name adds on to that
            theory in my opinion. Actually when I first passed by one in Brooklyn, I mistook the place
            for a bar that truck drivers like to go to! Haha~)

                   The menu is limited; their are no soups or salads here; just fries,hot dogs, and
            a very wide assortment of condiments to put in your burger. That doesn't make it bad to  
            me, it just means if you go to one, just don't expect too big of a menu. The drinks served   
            here are regular coke beverages too, so they keep it easy and simple. The burgers are
            worth it in opinion, and they're good, but keep in mind you have to wait a bit and the
            price is a bit higher than other popular burger places. Something cute to note, the locations
            also offer peanuts! No idea why, but in every location I've been they sell peanuts! The
            photos are the location in Little Rock, and the burger I got was a cheeseburger with ranch.~
            The fries are are good with the cajun spices, so I recommend that.~


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